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Practicing pilates along with good posture and mindfulness will not only change the way we appear, it will transform how we feel inside of our bodies.

With so many exercise and fitness options available these days, it can be very confusing to figure out which approach will work for you. In my physical therapy practice, patients often ask me, “What are the best exercises to build a strong core?” The truth for most of us is that a strong core comes from spending as much time as possible throughout our day in good posture.

Being engaged, we hear that a lot, involves sitting, standing, walking, driving, running, or performing whatever your daily activities are in good body alignment.

Think about standing with equal weight in both feet and your head stacked upon your shoulders. Your feet are under your hips and your toes are pointed forward. It sounds simple, but if you pay attention ALL day to these few simple concepts, and keep your stomach nice and firm, you will then be doing the absolute best work toward having a strong core.

Pilates is based on 5 basic principles:

Breathing…Pelvic placement…Rib cage Alignment…Shoulder blade Movement…Head on neck Posture

The mind-body connection means being engaged both mentally and physically. It is achieved through practice and repetition, constantly reminding your body how to stay connected with your brain.