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what is pilates detroit?


private, semi-private, and small group equipment pilates are our specialty! We have mat classes, gyrokinesis and foam rolling sessions as well.

physical therapy

This is the kind of personalized and focused rehabilitation you have dreamt about: one-on-one, individualized and comprehensive.

meet allison

The amazing Owner, Operator, Instructor and Entrepreneur. Meet the dynamo that also spear-heading Strap-Detroit.com

pilates straps

  • Bring Your OwnThe Pilates community shares so many core values; Health, Inclusivity and Kindness - to name a few...
    What we no longer have to do share is our Pilates straps.
  • Made In DetroitOur single and double loop Pilates straps are manufactured by hand, by passionate Pilates people in the D!
  • Safety FirstUsing your own set of personal, Pilates straps is an excellent way to safeguard yourself and others around you.

Strapdetroit came about in the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic when our world, along with our Pilates community, changed for the unforeseeable future. While virtually every surface of our Pilates equipment could be readily cleaned and sanitized, the fabric straps presented a real challenge. It was apparent that Pilates lovers could no longer safely share hand and foot straps. Each person would need their own super fresh and yummy feeling set.

But, it wasn’t so simple to find readily available Pilates straps (not as scarce as toilet paper or bleach wipes but harder to score than a new Peloton!) and they came at a fairly high price (and shipping wasn’t even included!) It became very clear to us our only option was to manufacture the straps ourselves.

At Strapdetroit, we are committed to making high quality, durable, comfortable, and colorful Pilates straps. It is our mission to make practicing Pilates safer by making our straps accessible and affordable.

who we are

The Pilates Detroit team is comprised of wellness professionals with extensive training in the movement sciences.

What Our Experts Do for You:

  • Body Mechanics and Postural Analysis
  • Assessments and Plans
  • Goal Setting- Short and Long Term

our mission

By combining Pilates with rehabilitation, Pilates Detroit has created a new and unique approach to fitness and wellness.

Our core values include:

  • Helping others achieve their goals
  • Providing a safe, personalized and client-specific plan
  • Emphasizing proper form and technique for best outcomes

allison nakisher, mpt

physical therapist, stott pilates instructor, owner

Happy 17th Birthday handsome!!
You are truly amazing!! Hard working, fun loving, deep feeling, and soulful beyond your 17 years. We love you so much and we are all so proud of you!!
Love you tons Ry!!!
I had to take my eyes off of mom for just a moment while holding this perfect bundle of sweetness. 
All of our instructors at Pilatesdetroit are trained to work with pregnant and postnatal mamas. We are able to modify exercises and adapt positioning for safety and comfort. 
Reach out to us through the website or DM with your pregnancy-related pilates questions or to schedule a new client introductory session. 
As you can see, we are more than happy to hold the baby!! 
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The 100s!!!
It’s the holy grail of Pilates moves. 
When it is executed with good form, you can see and feel a muscular connection from the top to the very bottom of the body. 
It can be adapted and modified in many ways to meet the needs and abilities of the client. But here, we see it in it’s original form, as taught by Joseph Pilates himself. 
Evan has worked and practiced through many of the variations, and today he displayed complete mastery of the move. ✨🎉💪
Congrats Evan, your efforts have paid off in many ways and your diligence is unparalleled with this beautiful display of strength and focus. 
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8-9a “Energy Boost” to transform your mind, body and overall stamina. Some reformer experience is appreciated, smiles are included. 
9-10a “Essential Reformer” is the space to get your Pilates practice going. We recommend a few privates prior to joining class, but this class is perfect for our newest Pilates lovers!
DM with questions/signup or go to the website/Mindbody to get your name on that class list!!!
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Bring a friend for FREE to your private, duet or class throughout the month of September!!
You’ve been telling your sister, cousin, partner, bestie, work bestie, neighbor, dad or cashier from Trader Joe’s about Pilates for years and now is your chance to drag them along!!
Hardest part…who’s it going to be?
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We are really excited to be a part of @therapyologymi Mental Health Awareness Week as we prepare for back to school in the coming days and weeks. 
Our message is simple, movement can help improve your mental health by reducing signs of depression and anxiety, and by improving mood, energy levels and the ability to sleep well. 
What are your fav ways to move your body and do you like to go it alone or find a friend or two?
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She’s back!!!!!

The Pilates Detroit family is so excited to welcome home NIKKI!

Nicole is a certified AFAA Athletic Trainer, Stott Pilates Instructor,  Precision Nutrition Coach, and a Licensed Massage Therapist.  While Nicole has trained across many age groups from teens to seniors, she has a heart for the 40 and up group. 
Nikki has an infectious energy and the knowledge and creativity to work you hard and keep you safe. 
Nikki will be seeing private and semi-private clients along with teaching small group classes, including athletic conditioning on the reformer and cardio trampoline. 
To learn more or sign up, go online to mindbody or 
www.pilatesdetroit.com 💥 
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