3281 Hilton Rd. | Ferndale, MI, 48220
3281 Hilton Rd. | Ferndale, MI, 48220

Self care, what does that even mean? It sounds kind of indulgent, maybe even selfish?

We put our bodies through all kinds of physical and mental stress everyday.

Even those of you who workout religiously, may not be providing your body with the care that it needs.

Think of it like this, if you were going to play any sport, would you simply just show up at the field at game time and play both your hardest and best? Not likely! You would practice not only the skills of the game, but also strengthen and condition in order to get stronger, faster and more flexible.

Well, the same can be said for the game of life. Hint: this is where the self care stuff comes in!

Proper warm-ups, foam rolling, dynamic stretching, strengthening and cool-downs are critical to your performance and safety. Additionally, activities like pilates, yoga, stretching sessions, etc will help keep you flexible and free from pain.

This is where we come in! Pilates Detroit can not only take you along this journey of self care, we will also give you the tools to do it on your own, on the days you are away from our studio.

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