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Dancers are some of the world’s greatest athletes. Many dancers begin to dance at a very young age and train year round. They perform with no other equipment or apparatus than their own bodies. Dancing requires excellent flexibility, strength, control, coordination, and endurance.

It would only make sense then that dancers condition their body, just like all other athletes, for their given “sport.” Pilates has long been a method for dancers to build their body in order to meet the demands of repetitive twisting, bending, reaching, squatting, jumping and lunging. The roots of many Pilates movements comes from dance, as the pioneers of Stott Pilates treated injured dancers on their original machines.

At Pilates Detroit, we are particularly interested in meeting the needs of our young dancers, those who are just coming into the “sport” and want to perform their best without getting injured. We offer small group mat classes along with equipment sessions for dancers to improve their core stability and flexibility.

Additionally, Pilates Detroit conducts screenings with individual dancers at the onset of the season. We give each dancer feedback on both their strengths and weaknesses and develop a stretching and strengthening program they can do on their own. Most importantly, we help them to develop their own personalized set of goals for the coming year.