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Marc is a four time Ironman triathlete, he has completed more than 20 marathons, and he owns his own estate planning law firm. He is often referred to as a chameleon or sand bagger, because he can turn his intensity and pace up and down at will. He is the kind of guy that absoultely shines under the rigors and challenges of the course, conditions and competition he comes up against.

Obvious question here is… “Why is he working on the reformer when from the looks and sound of it, he has it all?”

That’s a fair question and the answer is simple…Marc knows that staying flexible and building core strength from the deepest layer of his abdominals will be the keys to his longevity in multisport and running. He has tight hamstrings and infrequent but severe episodes of low-back pain. He is training on the pilates reformer and trap table in order to gain length in his hamstrimgs, stabilize his low back and pelvis, and to strengthen his abdominals, glutes and back extensors. Marc is a triple threat: he has excellent body awareness, he is mindful, and he is determined.

Don’t be afraid to set your sights high, to work outside of your comfort zone, to reach for the seemingly unobtainable. We are all showing up to the “starting line” with our individual strengths and weaknesses. With determination and focus, you can build the body you need in order to achieve the goals you have dreamed of.

Let us help…

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