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We stood side by side at the Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem. Packed in tight with so many other women and girls, I could feel my heart beating in my chest and an overwhelming sense of fulfillment.
We left our notes, silently speaking our wishes, dreams and gratitude. The heat of this August day could be felt through our two, single but coupled hands pressed against the ancient rock. My daughter and I had been heard.

The more I reflect upon this incredible day, the more I can’t help thinking about so many others who are never heard. Sadly, so many people have little to no voice.

So…we have decided to offer our followers and friends (and their friends) the opportunity to attend a free mat class, at Pilates Detroit, every Thursday from 12 to 1pm. The first participant to commit will get to name the charity of their choice that we will collect donations for.
No strings, no donation is required, give what you want or what you can. The catch is, come prepared to work hard!

Message me so I know you’re coming, or just show up for a sick lunch!