11Beth Maza

beth maza

senior instructor

Always drawn to relieving the pain and discomfort of others, Beth became a licensed Massage Therapist. She focused on the power of therapeutic Massage to help her clients release tension while becoming more centered and grounded. Several years later, Beth discovered Stott Pilates and became a certified instructor, enabling her to help her clients build their own strength, flexibility, and self-confidence. Not long after discovering STOTT Pilates, Beth became a certified Gyrotonics and Gyrokinesis instructor, rounding out her toolkit, and offering her clients another path to achieving freedom of movement.

Utilizing whichever method is appropriate for a particular client, Beth finds deep satisfaction in guiding her clients to new levels of mind/body connection, health, and stability.

Beth’s favorite Pilates exercise to teach?
“Spinal rotation. I love this exercise because it helps loosen up tension in the spine and hip as well as relax the front of the shoulder and chest.”