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Physical Therapy/Rehab with Allison

1 – 60 minute PT session

Not all physical therapy is the same. If you have ever been to rehab at different facilities, you may have noticed that while we use similar techniques, the really good kind of therapy happens when you spend your entire session being watched and treated by the same therapist.

At Pilates Detroit, we have modeled ourselves after the really good kind of therapy centers. Your first appointment will include a thorough evaluation with Allison and a treatment plan, in which you are an integral part of making your own short and long term goals. Additionally, you will begin treatment the very first day and even have homework upon leaving. Phew!

Each subsequent therapy session at Pilates Detroit will include a brief once over by Allison, before getting down to work. Your rehab could include many or all of the following options: therapeutic exercise, neuromuscular reeducation, manual therapy, gait training, ergonomic/safety recommendations and home exercise program. Again phew!

Every time you come to Pilates Detroit, every minute of your session will be focused on getting you healthy, strong, and functionally able to return to the activities you love to do.