policies & procedures


Pilates Detroit requires 24 hour advance notice to cancel your private, duet or physical/massage therapy appointment and 12 hours to cancel your small group class without loss of a session. 


Appointments and classes will begin promptly at their scheduled time. If you happen to arrive late, please find your spot and join your class moving forward. 


As a team, we may have to make last minute alterations to the schedule and/or  the instructor teaching your class. Additionally, if attendance is low for a particular class, the instructor may contact you with a cancellation or ask if you would like to attend a private session. 


Athletic clothing, along with socks (preferably grip socks) are required. Please refrain from wearing clothing with buttons or zippers to protect our machines. Following your introductory sessions, we do ask our clients to bring their own Pilates straps. For your convenience, we have excellent quality socks and straps for purchase at the studio.