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I have to admit, it took me a while to find the right picture for this next blog post. I wanted to grab the reader’s attention, and I struggled with finding an image that made “homework” exciting and engaging. Honestly, flipping a 600 lb. tire seems to get people talking, but in my professional opinion, it is not for everyone.

“Why not?” That’s what I would be thinking if I were you.

Lifting a tire in excess of 500-600 lbs. requires excellent biomechanical technique and equally superior abdominal, gluteal and trunk strength. It is an activity that can only be completed safely with the combination of hip/knee/ankle flexibility, power and the ability to load and unload your hips with an explosive effort.

While many people may be able to check off some of these qualities on their abilities list, combining the strength, flexibilty and core stability required to flip a tire is much more elusive. Throw in a chronic neck, shoulder, low back or knee injury and now you are dealing with an assymetric body trying to handle a very heavy, unstable load. I have seen many patients walk through my physical therapy door as a result of mismanagement or poor decision making in a gym setting.

I want to be clear, I am not trying to disuade anyone from going to the gym and working with a certified trainer on activities appropriate to their level of health and fitness. I’m totally on board with seeking new challenges and testing the limits. But we all need to be smart. We all need to start with a strong foundation and build from there. We all need to do our homework before taking the tests, flipping the tires, jumping over walls, and standing on our heads.

This is where Pilates Detroit comes in. Think of us as your tutor, your study buddy or your friend with all of the answers. We will help you lay the foundation needed to play outside the box.

Come for a comprehensive 60-minute evaluation including posture and gait analysis, muscle strength testing, flexibility, balance, and functional movement assessment. After compiling all of this information, we will formulate an individualized exercise program with your specific goals in mind. You will then receive a detailed handout describing the suggested exercises, and you will spend an additional 60-minute session reviewing each activity and asking questions (as many and as dumb as you want:).

We got your back, literally and figuratively.

-Pilates Detroit