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I have been in the medical profession for close to 20 years. Through the years, my patients’ privacy has become so protected that it is not uncommon for my husband and kids to question me, when I’m hugging a total stranger in the grocery store, “Who is that?” and I respond, “I could tell you, but then I would have to kill you!”

In the effort to respect privacy, I have gone CIA. (I’m pretty sure I learned that from my mom, she can keep a secret vaulted forever.) I avoid telling some of the funny stories or kind words of gratitude shared by patients and clients. I’m totally uncomfortable playing “Physical Therapy Geography” and seldomly take part in “Six Degrees of PT Separation.” Sounds crazy that this stuff even exists, but after seeing someone 2-3 times per week for 4-8 weeks, you get to know ALL about them, and their families, and their friends, and their pets, and their favorite restaurants, and their dying Great-aunt in West Virginia and so on!

Today, however, this is all going to change! I have been given a new sense of freedom as the owner of Pilates Detroit. A couple of days ago my very wise and hard working friend, let’s call her Becky S., encouraged me to start sharing testimonials from my clients. I was overwhelmed with hesitation and questions. She patiently explained to me, in not so many words, that I am no longer a part of the Witness Protection Program. I’m now able to speak freely about my life and work. She went on to tell me that by sharing the gratitude and success stories of my patients/clients, it would help bring new people into the Pilates Detroit fold. So, here goes nothing…

Two days ago, I received a text from a long-standing and beloved client of mine and he shared:

“Your new program for me is already paying dividends-I’ve had shoulder/upper trap pain for months that has basically gone away with the stretches you’ve given me. First pain free swim since about January!”

Mike T.

Well, there it is, feels pretty good. Actually it feels really good, and I’m so happy that I am able to help patients and clients like Mike. I am extremely grateful for the gift of their trust and confidence in me!